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About Event Troop

Event Troop as a Professional event Organizer is an organization specializing in turnkey services from planning and organizing conferences, meetings, professional event and exhibitions and associations Managements.

Event Troop is an event management company formulated in Saudi Arabia that specialises in associations and professional events managements. It has stepped in the market with the goal of managing efficient associations and professional events and help clients to effectively promote their messages. 

With at least 4 years of collective working experience in the events, media, and advertising industries, we set to design and organize events for our clients that help them achieve their targets in the best possible budgets. 

Event Troop has the expertise, dedicated human and technical resources and contacts to assist you with the planning and organizing of your conference. Working with us will also save you the difficulty of that time commitment and the day to day logistical hassle. 

We are responsible for ensuring that the event project is kept both on schedule and on budget.

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