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It’s no secret that corporate events can be a nightmare to coordinate, especially when done internally. To create a well-organized, impressive corporate meeting, gala award ceremony or off-site meeting, it can take months of planning. Don’t waste valuable employee time by forming committees filled with people who may not know much about event planning. For the same price you might pay to “do it yourself,” you can have your corporate events planned by professionals.  Whatever the destination, we can provide and expert team who will work with you to create an unforgettable event


Reward your team with a range of exclusive experiences. Capture their imaginations and encourage them to continue to succeed. Create an incentive that will motivate and inspire your delegates – one that will be talked about for many years to come. 


Staging Connections is the team you can rely on to deliver your next event to a variety of locations, creating a memorable occasion every time. Take your message on the road confident in the knowledge that you have the team and technical back up to deliver a consistently high standard of event at every location. 

Awards Nights

Awards nights are filled with emotion and nervous excitement. Staging Connections is the team you can rely on to bring your vision to life. A successful awards event is a work of art that celebrates honors and inspires.

Our team is experienced in managing the complex aspects of timing, structure and lighting that will transform any ceremony into a glittering occasion.

Gala Events

Communicate. Celebrate. Entertain. Work with Staging Connections to turn your next gala event from a dinner to a memorable occasion.

Surprise and delight your guest when you transport them into a fantasy world .We can transform any venue into an amazing theatrical environment with lighting, decorations and entertainment – a night your guest will never forget. 

Annual Meeting

Your relationship with your shareholders reaches its climax at the Annual Meeting. Staging Connections is the team you can rely on to deliver your most important event each year. Every Annual Meeting has its own specific guidelines and company objectives. Our event team is highly experienced in managing the politics, protocols and complex staging requirements required for a professional, seamless meeting.

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